A Tamrielic Journey

Chapter 1- The first steps of the Tamrielic journey

-Morningstar 17th, 4e171

Our journey starts in the village of Riverwood, located in the Whiterun hold of the Skyrim province. It is usually a quiet and sleepy settlement but today the beast stirs in it’s sleep. But today unnusual excitement has found it’s way to Riverwood in the form of a mead brewing competition hosted at the Sleeping Giant Inn. The competition brings people from far and wide to the settlement some of which happen to be heroes in the making.

Let’s meet our stalward travelers;
-Bothvar Tanngrisnir; A travelling warrior living proudly by the way of the Nords.
-Elijah; A Bosmer who has multiple motives to travel the Whiterun hold.
-Larhyl´el Do´Ana; A Dunmer hunter living in the wilderness near riverwood.
-Meer; An Argonian who mastered the arcane and the ways of sophisticated Tamriel.
-Halfar; A Nord who helps out Sittar at the Riverwood Trader. He’s a college of Winterhold dropout and friend to Meer.

Before long some of these people catch up. Larhyl and Halfar are aqcuanted on account of the Dunmer using the Riverwood Trader to resupply once every few months. Meer reunites with Halfar and they discuss their days of mischief at the college of Winterhold. Bothvar strikes up a conversation with the three and before long the newcomer to Riverwood; Elijah mingles with the group aswell.

Together they spend the day in Riverwood waiting for the mead brewing contest to begin. During the day more visitors enter the village starting with Fraki the Unrestful, a bard from Sollitude and his apprentices; Angner and Thogar. Fraki asks the group where he might find the Sleeping Giant Inn and announces that he will provide song and story during the festivities.

Later three riders from Elinhir-Hammerfell set foot in the settlement. They are Waylas, Shelden and Azzan. A conversation with this trio revealed the Redguards’ intent to set up a meadery in Skyrim now that their homeland is stricken with war.

A nord couple; Rolf and Siri also enter after having traveled all the way from Rorikstead but the group didn’t get the chance to talk with them before the competition starts.

That night the Sleeping Giant Inn has awoken and it’s allmost as crowdy as Whiterun’s “The bannered mare” or so Faendal (One of Riverwood’s residents) jokingly claims. The tables have been rearanged and the stone mugs have been laid out for the partitioners of the contest and the visitors/tasters. The innkeeper Svog even prepared a bucket of water so that the mugs could be washed between each tasting. With the brewers and most of Riverwood present Svog with a hint of nervousness officially opens the event.

“I welcome you all. It is a great honor to see so many people in my humble inn, and I most certainly don’t regret organizing this event. Tonight I will offer a 100 septims, to the brewer who makes the finest mead. Now I must admit that I participate as well, and to prove that I’m not cheating. Should I get the highest rating I will simply spit the gold between Rolf and Waylas. Fraki… could you please stop drinking and perform?”

Rolf and Siri present their fruit flavored mead, what fruits were used they would not say but the duo warned the tasters to let them know if they had known allergies. After that Waylas and his comrades presents their mead. The third participant and host Svog still somewhat nervous admits that he is new at the brewing game and choose to take it up because he had a lot of free time at his hands. He asks the ‘professionals’ to give him advice after the tasting.


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