A young passionate Argonian. This pink fellow knows exactly what he wants and will do everything to get it. He might come over as a friendly and goofy character but make no mistake. If you will cross him he won’t think twice to make sure you will dissappear.

Kept a journal where he misspelled names and wrote about the most boring parts of their travels.


Showed magical powers at a young age. When he tried out at the Arcane university he got rejected. Once he reached the age of 18 he went to the Winterhold College in Skyrim.
At the Winterhold College he met with Azrael and Halfar. Instead of studying they began to muck around and played practical jokes inside the college. One day they went too far and the three of them got expelled. The young Meer stayed a while in Skyrim being too ashamed to return to his parents. Till he got a letter one day from his friend Halfar.

That’s when he started a new Adventure


A Tamrielic Journey TrollinTouma