Gods and worship

The gods of Tamriel are as varied as the many cultures’ traditions of worship. Generally these gods tend to fall in one of two categories;
-The Aedra (Sometimes called the Nine Divines by Imperial culture)
-The Daedra (Deities who are generally regarded to be evil)
-In some cases mortals become gods in those occasions they can become Aedra or something else entirely.

The different races of Tamriel worship or acknowledge these gods in different ways and by different names. The group of gods that a culture worships is called a pantheon.

The Imperial Pantheon
The Nordic Pantheon

- Akatosh
- Alduin
- Dibella
- Herma-Mora
- Jhunal
- Kyne
- Shor
- Mauloch
- Mara
- Orkey
- Stuhn
- Ysmir
- Tsun

The Dunmeri Pantheon

The Tribunal
- Almalexia
- Sotha Sil
- Vivec

Our Ancestors
- Azura
- Boethiah
- Mephala

Not our Ancestors
- Malacath
- Mehrunes Dagon
- Molag Bal
- Sheogorath

Other Saints
- Dagoth Ur
- Nerevar

The Bretoni Pantheon

- Akatosh
- Arkay
- Dibella
- Julianos
- Kynareth
- Sheor
- Magnus
- Mara
- Phynaster
- Stendarr
- Talos
- Y’ffre
- Zenithar


Gods and worship

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